Catherine Peré-Vergé in S. Paulo, 2011

Wine legend Catherine Peré-Vergé of  Châteux La Violette and Le Gay, deceased 2013, and Marcelo Peleritti, her enologist, during a visit to Brazil organized by Ana de Andrade, at the Kaá restaurant in São Paulo, around 2011 (Ana is in the middle – she would later co-found Wine Soul Store, celebrating three years next August)




Events approaching at Wine Soul Store:

  • June 12, degustation, Viña Casa Silva, from Chile
  • Wine Soul’s 3 year anniversary next August

Rua Oscar Freire, 540, SP Brazil, 11 am to 20 pm – closed on Sundays – 55 11 2359 8871 –

MarcJulTrad, São Paulo, Brazil, June 25, 2017

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