Business Translation

The expression business translation could mean both a business-dedicated service providing translations to corporations, which might involve texts on any subject, or just a service specialized on tipically enterprenerial subjects, such as management, accounting, marketing and so on.

The task we performed these years of translating tens of thousands of pages for companies might fall under any of these definitions. In the Experience menu we mention only part of it: legal, technical, managerial, accounting, motivational, organizational storytelling and other genres, dedicated to very large audiences (free access texts on the web, for instance), specific audiences (investors in a general meeting) or restricted audiences (contracts, technical manuals). Undoubtedly we have served hundreds of private or state-owned/state-regulated companies since our beginnings.

Enterprenerial needs are clearly our main focus, our core business and specialty. It’s a fascinating and complex work, for multi-target and demanding clients, which not only requires a mastery of natural languages, technical jargons and translation and publishing technologies, but also an awareness of the corporate or organizational culture.


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