French Conversation Happy Hour at Wine Soul, March 29 next

Free Conversation Happy Hours in several languages (including Portuguese as a second language) are events we hold in association with Ana Maria de Andrade, at the Wine Soul Store premises in the Jardins area of São Paulo City, Brazil.

The idea is to create conditions so that those who have an instrumental knowledge of a language but do not practice it due to a lack of opportunity or an inhibition can evolve, by providing a situation in which people can talk spontaneously in that language, unlike in class situations for instance, in spite of some grammatical support being available on condition that it does not hinder the conversation, and although it may be necessary to cause the exchange artificially in the first minutes – generally it isn’t, since everthing favors relaxation and detachment, starting from the wine itself, which also provides an inexhaustible and fascinating theme from the start.

It’s also an occasion for networking and many other things, it goes without saying!




11 99963 3898

Place and Hour of the next Happy Hour Conversation, to be in French:

Wine Soul Store

540 Oscar Freire Street, São Paulo, Jardins

March 29, 2018, 17:00 to 20:00

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