Translation Services

Created in 1999, the company has kept its focus on corporate translation from the beginning, without excluding other categories of clients or other genres though. Our endeavour has always been towards excellence and in order to achieve it we chose certain values, such as efficiency, engagement, readiness, confidentiality and flexibility. How do we understand them and what do they imply?

Efficiency is the ability to fulfill a task to satisfaction, with the best acceptable result within the minimum time. Possessing it is linked to the existence of a stable balance in the use of technology and human work.

Engagement is generally understood in the business as concerning the client, as if it refered only to quality assurance, but in our view this value applies to collaborators as well.

By readiness we understand the ability to keep the said efficiency alive at every moment.

Confidentiality is the secrecy and care with client information. It’s a feature that should apply to all cases, but it’s one of special importance for those serving the enterprenerial segment.

Flexibility, finally, is something that necessarily has to exist in several forms if a translation business is to survive – the agility required to translate all kinds of content, and the one required for managing team work succesfully in a big Brazilian town today are but two examples.

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