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We offer:

1 – Implemention of WordPress blog, a requisite for installing the WooCommerce online shop (see below), human translation where necessary or desired (English-Portuguese and other pairs), as well as advanced configuration/setup of automatic translation, internationalization or localization plugins. 

Also, basic configuration/setup of:

  • plugins:
    • integration with Social Networks
    • marketing and SEO
    • contact form
    • backup
    • whatsapp, chat, visitor comments
    • others you may need or request
  • widgets:
    • commonly used ones, such as Google Maps (a must, in case your store is also physical)
  • SSL e HTTPS secure connection, a sine qua non for certain payment gateways to work

2 – WooCommerce online store install, including install and set up of:

  • payment platforms such as Stripe
  • payment gateways
    • PayPal
    • 2CheckOut
    • others
  • preparation of product images
WordPress install support is conditional to those installed or to be installed under one of the follwing hosting/install options (see the Important observation, below))
  • VPS
  • BlueHost, GreenHost or SiteGround hosting
Importante: Before subscribing a hosting plan it’s vital to check the resources it offers, above all to those who intend to work with e-commerce. Specifically in the case of WooCommerce, shared hosting plans sometimes provide enough PHP memory, sometimes not. 

Minimum requirements generally held necessary for WooCommerce:
  • MySQL 5.6 or higher, OR MariaDB 10.0 or higher
  • WordPress
  • 128 MB or higher
  • HTTPS support

Very simple installs of WordPress however (without Woo or other big and complex plugins, or installs with simple plugins but in great number) generally work with no special requisites.